Ihmisen näköiset (trans. Kinds of Human) is a street larp series played in the greater Helsinki area. The first season has three games. Due to the corona virus regulations the project has been cancelled. The first game was played from 28th of February to 1st of March. Other larps in the series will not be organized. Also, the mandatory player meeting is on the 9th of February 2020. 

Players can apply in November, and there will be roughly 40 characters plus around ten supporting cast. Player selection process will be anonymous and genderless, but organizers will take into account player preferences, gender balance, and other factors affecting the dynamics of the larp, in both player selection and casting. 

The larp will be played primarily in Finnish and is not particularly directed at international players, however visiting players are welcome to participate as supporting cast.

The setting

Finland 2020. Harhamas, or chimeras, live among people appearing as humans. Some of them are kin to water and some to air, some are driven by predatory instincts and some by the cautiousness of prey. Integration to the surrounding society goes well and the beast stays in control as long as it is let out from time to time. What exists under the skin wakes in Boasting and Challenges that are used to strengthen the identity, resolve conflicts, and to search for oneness with the powers within us all and all around us.

When three observers from the Organization arrive in Helsinki, chimeras have to face their internal tensions and issues suppressed far too long. Simultaneously the community has to protect their own, and their secret, for chimeras are born out of what humans hide from themselves. What would the world look like if the creatures from fairy tales and nightmares existed?

Thematically, Ihmisen näköiset is about sense of community, spirituality, courage, and embodiment. What gives solace and what can be done in the name of religion? Is only visible courage heroism? What happens when the beast is revealed? How to resolve conflicts when unity is the only way to survive?

The larp is dark drama with mythical elements, inspired by e.g. Grimm tv-series, various mythologies, and nordic noir.


Artistic director: Niina Niskanen

Character coordinators: Emilia Hjelm, Sara Kannasvuo, Maija Korhonen, Emi Maeda

Plot coordinators: Hanna Erkinjuntti, Emilia Hjelm, Sara Kannasvuo, Maija Korhonen, Mari Lehtoruusu, Emi Maeda

Supporting cast coordinator: Mari Lehtoruusu

Project manager: Simo Järvelä

Graphic design: Sara Kannasvuo

Photography: Hanna Erkinjuntti

Producer: Paula Pennanen